Q:  Are you a public range?


No.  We are a private club, for members and their guests only.



Q:  What are the steps to becoming a member of our club?


1. You must have the Federal Restricted-level Possession and Aquisition (RPAL) firearms licence.


2. We accept new member applications twice a year, in the January and August.  New member safety courses are held the month after accepting applications. If you are presently a member of another club, there is an abbreviated safety course for you.  The Chief Firearms Office requires any prospective shooting club members to pass a club safety course, no exceptions.


3. The novice Safety Course involves 4 hours of initial classroom lecture and approximately 6 1-hour club range sessions.


4. You’re a member once you’ve completed our club safety course, and we are satisfied with your safety/performance.



Q:  Once a member, can I bring guests?


You are allowed to bring guests 3 times a year.  You must supervise them, and assume full responsibility for them while at the range.



Q:  What firearms are allowed at our club?


Pistol calibre firearms, including pistol-calibre carbines and rifles.  Shotguns are allowed with some ammunition restrictions.  Rimfire rifles are allowed, again with some ammunition restrictions.  No high velocity rifle-specific calibre firearms are allowed.



Q. How big is your range?


It is a 25m (75ft) pistol target shooting range, with 6 shooting stalls.  It is also IPSC approved for members who are certified in that shooting sport.


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