1300A Lakeshore Road East. (follow Lakeshore Waste Treatment Plant Road)

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada




Saturday 9.00AM until 5.00PM




Saturdays only




Before heading down to the range, please be sure you familiarize yourself with the rules.

Assume every firearm is loaded

Control the muzzle direction at all times

Trigger finger must be kept off the trigger and out of the trigger guard

See that the firearm is unloaded

PROVE it safe.


Point the firearm in the safest available direction

Remove all ammunition

Observe the chamber

Verify the feeding path

Examine the bore each time you pick up a firearm

Lakeshore Arms Academy Range Rules and Regulation


1. All members must wear / display their club membership card prominently so that the duty range officer may inspect it, or see it.


2. All members who bring guests shall be responsible for them while on the range.


3. All members and guests must be recorded in, and sign the attendance book. Guest must sign a waiver before entering the range.


4. A full member may bring the same guest to shoot a maximum of 3 times. After that, the guest would be expected to join the club, take the safety course, and obtain their PAL. Guests are to shoot from the same shooting position as the member, are to be directly supervised and controlled by the member, and should be under the overview of the duty range officer.


5. Ear and Eye protection is MANDATORY AT ALL TIMES on range.


6. No sandals or open toe shoes should be worn on the range.


7. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden at the range. Any member or guest under the influence of alcohol will be removed from the range immediately.


8. If the conduct of any member is unsportsmanlike and detrimental to the safety of others, said member will be suspended immediately.


9. The range is approved for all pistol calibers and .22 rifle ammo only. Lead or Jacketed ammo may be used.


10. NO Ammunition or casings shall be allowed at any SAFE AREA at ANYTIME.


11. All Firearms on the SAFE table must be unloaded with action open and pointed towards the SAFE WALL.


12. Dry firing or handling of any firearms MUST be done while pointed at the SAFE wall or down range.


13. Any firearms being transported from the clubhouse to the range must carried muzzle down and finger of the trigger.


14. When entering the range with your firearm, call out, " FIREARMS COMING IN".



- The firing line is ACTIVE. Eye and ear protection must be worn.

- The gate is closed, No one shall go down range for any reason.

- Nobody is to enter or exit the target or firing line.

- With the range officer's permission:

   You may approach the line.

   You may place or remove guns.

   You may fire.

-Muzzle control must be maintained at all times.

-Loaded firearms will be aimed into the backstop at all times.

-Anytime a range officer calls CEASE FIRE. All shooting shall stop, all firearms unloaded, cleared, left on the table with action open and shooters must step back behind the YELLOW line.




- The firing line is declared SAFE.

- The gate is open

- No handling of firearms

- No one shall cross the YELLOW firing line

- With the permission of the range officer:

   You may change/hang targets.

- Shooters may charge their magazines behind the YELLOW line.

- Shooters may enter and exit the range.

- Eye and ear protection are not required.

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