As a response to the government's imposed COVID-19 lockdown to begin on November 23/2020 for 28 days. The BOD of Lakeshore arms will be closing the

range until we are given instruction by the government on when we will be allowed to re-open. We apologize for any inconvenience and are looking forward to seeing everyone again.


If you'd like to find out more about the closures, please go to this LINK.



Q:  Are you a public range?


No.  We are a private club, for members and their guests only.



Q:  What are the steps to becoming a member of our club?


1. You must have the Federal Restricted-level Possession and Aquisition (RPAL) firearms licence.


2. Apply for membership. Come down and see us at the club and the facilities, emails are too impersonal, we want to meet you.  Download a membership application from our website, or fill one out at the club.


3. Sign up for the next club-level Safety Course for new members.  For people who have never belonged to a gun club, these are held twice a year, in the January and August.  If you are a member of another club, there is an abbreviated safety course for you.  The Chief Firearms Office requires any prospective shooting club members to pass a club safety course, no exceptions.


4. The novice Safety Course involves 4 hours of initial classroom lecture and approximately 6 1-hour club range sessions.


5. You’re a member once you’ve completed our club safety course, and we are satisfied with your safety/performance.



Q:  Once a member, can I bring guests?


You are allowed to bring guests 3 times a year.  You must supervise them, and assume full responsibility for them while at the range.



Q:  What firearms are allowed at our club?


Pistol calibre firearms, including pistol-calibre carbines and rifles.  Shotguns are allowed with some ammunition restrictions.  Rimfire rifles are allowed, again with some ammunition restrictions.  No high velocity rifle-specific calibre firearms are allowed.



Q. How big is your range?


It is a 25m (75ft) pistol target shooting range, with 6 shooting stalls.  It is also IPSC approved for members who are certified in that shooting sport.


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